MARCH 2018


Launching in MARCH 2018, The Neon Nights Collection has been inspired by travel and clubbing in various cities around the globe. With nights out of dancing to whatever genre of music your into, its given that the music will be load and the beat intense. With lights everywhere our new colour collection brings pops of colour to your outfit, with bright waistbands that will shine above your belt, flashing, as your top moves up and down to the beat of your rhythm. 

Catch that certain someones eye with your own flavour of style from the dance floor. Designed  the exact same style as our ALEXANDER BRIEF, find the colour that relates to your own personal desire from the 7 we have to offer. If you loved our Alexander brief but wanted it in a colour you love, your sure not to be disappointed in whats to come...

Will ;) x

William Arneil